About Us

Known for their comfortable, contemporary style with bold and versatile global touches, IG Workshop was founded by partners Samantha Gallacher and Renata Vazconez in 2013 and together they have designed multiple bespoke homes and commercial spaces. Their distinctive design aesthetic has been recognized in some of the most esteemed publications. 

Samantha has always had a keen eye for aesthetics and is a graduate of The New York School of Interior Design. Her career began with some of New York’s top designers, Glenn Gissler, Bob Kaner, and Kureck and Jones to name a few as well as being a lead textile design for West Elm. Samantha is also founder of Art + Loom, a bespoke rug company.  A true artist, Samantha can bring a multi-layered experience to every space, drawing from her ever-evolving design approach. 

Renata holds an international Business degree and has a passion for design and fashion. A seasoned equestrian, Renata brings a unique stylistic flare that is inspired by her travel and multi-cultural immersive experiences around the world, from Ecuador to Buenos Aires, New York and now Miami. 

Together each of these bold women form IG Workshop, one of the most sought-after full service boutique interior design and construction management firms in South Florida.